Business concept

Dedicated full-service concept for brokering and development of companies

M+A SME is focused on brokering and development of small- to medium sized companies, where M+A Smallbiz is focused solely on small companies.

There are lots of synergies and overlaps between M+A SME and M+A Smallbiz, creating a strong dynamic in the two business areas, ultimately providing a series of benefits to customers looking to sell, acquire or develop a company.

The experience and competences represented by the strong broker- and consultant team enables the M+A Group to expand our suite of services to also include development and operational execution of exit- and business strategies.

M+A Group is therefore an integral and valuable partner, regardless of the task you or your company is faced with.

Virksomhedsbørsen løser opgaver med samarbejdspartner

More than 20.000 competent sellers, buyers or investors in one place

The starting point, whether we are looking to identify potential buyers for a company, attractive companies with a large potential or connect investors with investment- or development projects, is our extensive database. The database has been expanded for more than 20 years and consists of more than 20.000 potential leads providing our business brokers with an exceptional starting point for matching a company for sales with the best suited buyer.

To support the business brokers with their sales processes, we have a competent and knowledgeable back-office team, who handles all the administrative tasks, hereunder preparation of the prospectus, managing marketing and preparing and sending out search- and sale letters/mails distribution, enabling our business brokers to focus fully on their primary focus area, which is brokering of companies

An entire database based on validated leads

Every buyer in the database is checked and validated to secure that a buyer has the financial capacity and right skillset to continue the management of the company in question. Likewise, every listed for sale is valuated at a well-documented basis, reflecting the market price and the potential of the company.

Selling a company can best be compared with a complex and comprehensive solution sales process

When working with sales and acquisitions processes, we are activating all potential sellers and buyers. Interested leads will receive a professionally prepared prospectus and will subsequently be contacted by the business broker to evaluate the respective company and to clarify whether he or she wants to go further into the selection process. The selection process will proceed until the only remaining potential buyers are those who are willing to place a serious offer on the company.

The prospectus is prepared by a dedicated resource

In M+A Group the prospectus is prepared after having performed one or more visits at the company and conducted interviews with the business owner and all relevant key stakeholder. Although very comprehensive, this is a necessary process, ensuring the preparation of a professional and well-documented prospectus, and therefore we have hired a dedicated resource to take care of this part.

The right buyer is not necessarily a part of our database, which is one of the reasons why we weekly advertise the companies we have for sale in the large, nation-wide newspapers. It is an essential part of a sales process to reach the largest possible target group and based our experience that is best done, by the means of both digital and analogue advertisement.

The company needs to be seen in a broader perspective, when it is put up for sale

”When the company becomes the business” is a mantra upon which we base our sales process. When the company is up for sale, it entails that it is the company itself that becomes the product that will be sold and handed over to a new owner. It is therefore important that the company is structured and operated in such a way, that a new owner can take over, without the operation or development being negatively impacted. Among other things, this entails that customer- and supplier contracts can be taken over by the new owner, employees must have sufficient knowledge about and insight into the company, maintaining “business as usual” without the former owners’ presence.

These are all aspect that we take into consideration when evaluating a company, as it is imperative for the attractiveness for a new owner, which obviously has a direct impact on the value of the company and the time it will take to execute a sale.

International cooperation to ensure an integral solution

We are continuously dedicated towards providing the best and most professional services in the M & A market, why we have established cooperation’s with multiple companies outside Denmark

When one of our international partners are assigned to a project for one of our customers, it always happens with M+A Group being closely involved. This ensures that our customers are delivered the level of quality they expect from us and that all contractual obligations are being met.

FIAG – free, initial advice and guidance

When selling, buying or developing a company there are a lot of questions you need to consider and address, securing you gain the full picture and the necessary insight into the process you are about to start. Therefore, we have developed FIAG.

FIAG is free, initial advice and guidance when selling, buying or developing a company, providing you with the essential understanding of the process, so you are capable of completing an effective and successful process.

Our business services

Below you will find a highlight of some of the business services M+A Group is providing:

  • Valuation
  • Consultancy
  • Exit strategy
  • Sales maturation
  • Raising capital
  • Business development
  • Support to businesses in financial distress
  • Brokerage

No two processes are the same, so if you have any questions related to your process, you are welcome to contact Frank Jensen on +45 24 42 79 16 or