M+A Smallbiz - professional brokering and development of small companies

M+A Smallbiz is a dedicated and professional company broker focused entirely on providing solutions and services of the highest standard within sales, mergers, acquisitions and development of small companies.



Regardless if dealing with a small or large company, the underlying nature of the process is the same, when you are looking to buy, sell or develop a company. Obviously, you cannot simply adapt the process 1:1, due to the scale and complexity of the business in question, however it is the main principles, areas and tasks, that you need to address and apply.

Just because it is a small company, you should not be forced to compromise on quality. Unfortunately, many specialists within the company brokering business have gained their expertise from working with medium- to large sized companies,


who represents larger turn-overs and earnings, hence far larger transaction sums, making this a more lucrative business areas, if measured only on stand-alone transaction sums and projects.

This exact profile also applied to us, but we have now decided to change that!

Forget online ad markets, contact portals and networks when working with professional company brokering services and development of companies

Selling, acquiring or developing a company, regardless of its size, requires a professional approach. You cannot simply base the process on what resembles a forum for used merchandise using conventional product- or contact ads.

It is imperative that you secure a professional process from the beginning, starting with a professional and market-realistic valuation and ending with a successful closing and change of ownership.


M+A Smallbiz is based upon an entirely new business concept, a bespoke IT system and tailored work processes

With more than 20 years of experience within business brokering in the SMB segment combined with the fact that we were the first to launch a solution for small companies with firmahandel.dk, we have developed a brand new and groundbreaking solution dedicated for small companies.

Every buyer in M+A Smallbiz is checked and verified before being presented with a prospectus for a company. This secures that a company is not presented to a buyer who is not capable to finance the company or has the right skillset to run and manage the company.

M+A Smallbiz will assign you with a professional, competent and experienced business broker, prepare a professional and market-realistic valuation and a professional prospectus, which will be used in the extensive sales- and marketing process that is applied when you want to sell your company or when you are searching for investors or partners – All managed and executed within our safe environment.

As the number one business broker of small- and medium sized companies in Denmark since 1997, we can utilize our extensive database of potential buyers, investors or partners, activate the largest and strongest team of professional business brokers. In combination this represents the by far strongest solution for small companies with a transaction sum of up to kr. 2.500.000.

No fast shortcuts to a professional, fair and market-realistic valuation

An increasing number of companies are offering, what we deem as questionable valuations. You simply cannot just enter some key figures into a spreadsheet and then pull a rabbit out of the hat.

What good could ever come from that?

A business owner needs a realistic valuation of his or her company. Regardless if it is a small company. Everybody should expect professional services and solutions. Therefore M+A Smallbiz, based upon the strongest solutions in the market from Virksomhedsbørsen and ButiksBørsen, invested a lot of resources in developing an intelligent and very comprehensive valuation tool.

A strong valuation tool is powerful instrument, but it is only a part of the equation.

Therefore M+A Smallbiz will always base our valuation upon one or more onsite visits and meetings, where the business broker inspects the company and interviews the business owner concerning all aspects of his or her business. Not until that point, is it possible to process the results the entered company data are based upon. This holistic approach ensures an accurate and market-realistic valuation of the company.

Numbers on their own, does not cut it. Nobody can identify the true foundation of a company, simply from analyzing the numbers. There are a lot of areas that needs to be uncovered, analyzed and verified, before you have collected the needed business intelligence to prepare a professional, fair and market-realistic valuation.


As an example, you could be looking at a company with 70 % of its turnover based on import and processing from one single manufacturer, who has a “Change of Ownership” clause in the cooperation agreement, which means that this one particular manufacturer needs to approve the buyer, before the future cooperation is secured and a sale of the company can be carried out. Another example is, where two companies with the same industry with almost identical results are valuated completely different as a consequence of different commercial approaches and foundation. These are merely a comply of examples, but there are plenty of aspect to be considered, before you can prepare a professional valuation.

Therefore, forget “fast” valuations. They have absolutely no value or relevance.

Just because M+A Smallbiz will become the strongest solution in the market it will not become expensive – on the contrary

M+A Smallbiz is not only setting new standards when it comes to professionalism. By launching the new Smallbiz concept for sales, acquisitions and development of small companies, we are also introducing a brand-new price structure, making it affordable for business owners of small companies to get access to professional consulting when selling, buying or developing a company.

M+A Smallbiz – the groundbreaking new concept for small companies.