M+A SME RETAIL - sales and acquisitions of stores


Competent business brokerage since 2004

M+A SME Retail – also known as ButiksBørsen A/S – has since 2004 successfully been working with sales, mergers and acquisitions in the retail segment. Over the years we have accumulated a high level of knowledge and experience within this field, which has formed the basis for new complementary business services such as recruitment, raising capital, investment and business development.

Virksomhedsbørsen løser opgaver med samarbejdspartner

We are capable of working with any kind of retail business due to our solid and well-structured processes and our highly skilled team of business brokers. Every business broker has a strong proven track record from a professional career and capable of working with any case on any level.

On a yearly basis M+A SME (Retail and B2B) prepares more than 300 valuations and sell more than 70 retail businesses and companies.

When selling a retail business through M+A SME Retail you are ensured that every buyer is validated from a financial and capability perspective, before being presented to information about your company.

As a buyer, you are ensured that every retail business is valuated, taking all “important factors” into consideration, providing the actual value of the retail business.

Our business services

Below you will find an overview of the most typical services we are providing to our customers:

  • Valuation
  • Consulting
  • Exit strategy
  • Sales maturity
  • Raising capital and investment
  • Business development
  • Support to companies in financial distress
  • Mergers and acquisitions

Seminars on sales and acquisitions of stores

In addition to our traditional business services, we are also conducting seminars in cooperation with a selected team of partners, consisting of lawyers, accountants and banks, where the focus is on the selling, buying, developing or investing in a company. Annually we are conducting around 35 seminars across Denmark.

For further information about our seminars, contact Thomas Paaske Rasmussen via phone +45 20 34 26 29 or e-mail thomas.paaske.rasmussen@m-plus-a.com.