It all began more than 20 years ago

The foundation for M+A Group started in 1997 with the establishment of Virksomhedsbørsen as. In 2004 ButiksBørsen A/S was established. Both companies are focused on sales, acquisitions and development of respectively small- & medium sized companies and retail stores.

In 2017 Thomas Egedgaard acquired the four companies, Virksomhedsbørsen as, ButiksBørsen A/S, Lederbørsen ApS and ApS, after having owned 50% of ButiksBørsen A/S since 2003. At the same time Frank Jensen joined as managing director with the objective of utilizing his commercial background and strong track record to ensure the continued development and further strengthening of the business foundation.

Virksomhedsbørsen løser opgaver med samarbejdspartner

Today the four companies are parts of the M+A Group as respectively M+A SME and M+A Smallbiz, but are still engaged in their original core areas, sales, acquisitions and development in their respective segments.

In M+A SME we distinguish between B2B and Retail, securing the appropriate expertise and insight can be assigned, acknowledging the differences between dealing with companies or retails stores. In M+A Smallbiz we have developed an extremely strong business concept that ensures a competent and professional process for small companies in relation to sales, acquisitions and development.

A bespoke infrastructure and system-based solution for M & A

As the amount of data in our database consisting of market data about branches and companies is extremely comprehensive, decided we early in our strategy process to invest in the development of a dedicated M & A platform and IT-system to manage and support the business brokers with the many complicated processes.

The massive amount of data in our database, comprised of market, industry and company data in combination with vital and demanding processes, has from a strategical perspective incentivized us to prioritize the development of a dedicated M & A platform and system-based solution, which can execute the multiple complicated processes that are an integral of a professional business brokers everyday life.

Since 2017 we have continuously created and implemented a series of extensive strategical changes, enabling us to strengthen our position as the country’s preferred business broker, whilst maintaining the capability of serving our customers with the strongest and most contemporary service for sales, acquisitions and development of small and medium sized companies and retail stores.

We have also been working hard to optimize our internal structures and work-flows, which are warranting a unified and high-level of quality in the projects we carry out of behalf of our customers.

The strongest solution in the market

The recent of the many tailored services for the M & A market we have introduced is M+A Smallbiz, which is a unique and groundbreaking concept for sales, acquisitions and development of small companies. The concept is based on more than 20 years of experience in the M+A Group and with a clear conviction that just because you are in the market to sell or buy a small company, you should not have to comprise on quality, service or consultancy.

Therefore, whether you are planning on selling, acquiring or developing a company or retail store – any segment, any size – M+A Group will provide you with the absolute strongest solution in the market, garnished with extremely competent and professional business brokers.