Vision and mission

Many companies will over the coming years undergo a change of ownership or generational change. This creates a high demand towards the service and quality, we as business brokers must be able to deliver to our customers, that is why we have defined the following vision and mission


  • To set the standard for holistic and value-added service and counselling connected to sales and acquisition of companies
  • To safeguard the seller’s heritage and the buyer’s future in relations to selling and buying companies. As a seller you are looking to optimize the capitalization of your company and the many hours spent on growing your company, but at the same time the buyer also needs to acquire a company with a strong potential


  • Ensure that our companies create continuous growth and positive results
  • Improve the business owner’s opportunities for executing a sale or acquisition with the best possible result and starting point for either continuing the operation of the company or starting in a new role
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