There can be many reasons for wanting to buy a company. A strategic acquisition with the aim of strengthening the foundations of your existing business is one possibility. But you may also want to establish yourself as a self-employed person after several years of employment. Regardless of the incentive for initiating an acquisition process there are several relevant factors to consider.

In the following, we go through the typical areas that you should seek clarification about when initiating an acquisition process. Every process is different, and therefore you are always welcome to contact us by phone +45 70 20 04 16 or email A dialog with us is free and non-binding.

Successful buying process
Successful buying process


The majority of people who want to buy a company have specific requirements regarding the sector in which the business operates, including considerations for the location. Typically, these buyers aim to either strengthen their existing market position or establish themselves as self-employed. Additionally, there is a smaller proportion of buyers who are unsure about the specific type of business they want to buy, but remain open to various options.

It is our clear recommendation that you have a plan for what you want to achieve with the purchase of the company. We are happy to assist you in achieving the necessary clarification for your goals.

As part of the acquisition process, a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is signed and you will be added to our buyers' directory. This will enable you to receive prospectus material on the companies that align with your requirements and preferences, ensuring complete confidentiality.

Here you will find a wide selection of our acquisition opportunities. Please note that not all opportunities are listed on our sales portal, so if you do not find a suitable company, feel free to contact us directly.

Skills and prerequisites for buying a business


The conditions under which buyers start the acquisition process are very different.

Some buyers have been business owners for several years with full responsibility for management, operations and development. Others have been managers responsible for day-to-day operations and development, but without the overall responsibility. Some have a desire to establish themselves as self-employed. Depending on the individual prerequisites, it may be beneficial to involve a partner and/or co-owner who can provide support in relevant areas.

The need and possibilities for financing the acquisition of the business is also an important aspect that needs to be clarified. As a starting point, it is a requirement that the buyer invests their own funds in the business financing. However, there are several financing options available to ensure the necessary financial basis to realize the deal. Seller financing, forming partnerships, and investor financing are some of the models that can be utilized to secure the necessary funds for acquiring the business.


Before starting an acquisition process, it is essential to clarify various aspects, including professional and financial conditions.

The sales material of a company is always shared in full confidentiality. Therefore, in order to receive the prospectus material, you will be required to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and complete a questionnaire. The questionnaire includes details such as your industry and regional preferences. By understanding your requirements, we can ensure that we reach out to you when we have a business for sale that aligns with your requirements.

After signing the NDA, the buyer will receive prospectuses of relevant companies.

Below we have outlined the typical process you go through when looking to acquire a business.


As an alternative to the traditional acquisition process described above, you can enter into an acquisition agreement.

Based on the buyer's specific requirements and preferences, we actively explore the possibilities of finding a company that matches their criteria. This involves reaching out to companies that may not be in our internal database to clarify their interest in being sold.

In some cases, a buyer may already have identified specific companies that pique their interest. If this is the case, we proactively contact the companies and explore their interest in a potential sale. If the company expresses interest, we prepare a concise prospectus that provides the buyer with insights to the company, allowing them to evaluate its suitability and determine their level of interest.

Searching the market for buyers


If you are considering buying a company, you are welcome to contact us for a non-binding and free dialogue.

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